Grinding & Dispersing Seminar

October 23rd and 24th: explore new ways to improve your process efficiency, reliability and safety.

ChocoBeltTM  St S.
The belt conveyor hygienically designed for gently conveying pasty or powdery chocolate mass.

The DÜC S embodies the perfect combination of
state-of-the-art engineering and decades of experience in the world of chocolate production.

Digital Services.
With the help of Digitalization and the IoT, Bühler's digital services are opening up important opportunities for the food processing industry.
NovaTM S Ball Mill
Discover our state of the art solution for fine-grinding various masses like compounds, spreads, creams for filling and coating, nut pastes and other fat based masses.


Every day, billions of people use Bühler technologies and solutions to satisfy their basic needs for food, mobility, or communication.

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The customer Magazine Diagram 177 is online.

Pasta, innovations, and partnerships
Bühler is celebrating its 115th Pasta anniversary – reason enough to set the focus on this delicious food in our customer magazine. In addition, we are presenting various innovations contributing to our goal of supplying humankind with sufficient amounts of wholesome food. We can only get closer to our target by joining forces, which is why we are continuously building new partnerships – we invite you to read about some of them in this issue.

Annual Report 2017

Would you like to find out more about Bühler? Then you can download the Bühler annual report simply as a PDF file. Or order your own personal copy of our current annual report in paper format.

News & Events

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Bühler Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
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Bühler Inc. (Grinding & Dispersion)
Mahwah, NJ
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Bühler Aeroglide (Drying)
Cary, NC
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BühlerPrince, Inc. (Die Casting)
Holland, MI
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Bühler Inc. (Optical Sorting)
Stockton, CA
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