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 There are endless possibilities to be discovered in the wafer and biscuit industry. Get inspired by our experts at Franz Haas, Meincke and Mondomix to create something unique.
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See how we honor our promise of engineering customer success to help our customers change the world for the better.
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The Bühler Annual Report is available. Read about our performance and highlights in 2018.
ChocoBeltTM  St S.
The belt conveyor hygienically designed for gently conveying pasty or powdery chocolate mass.

The DÜC S embodies the perfect combination of
state-of-the-art engineering and decades of experience in the world of chocolate production.


Every day, billions of people use Bühler technologies and solutions to satisfy their basic needs for food, mobility, or communication.

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Annual Report 2018

Would you like to find out more about Bühler? Then you can download the Bühler annual report simply as a PDF file. Or order your own personal copy of our current annual report in paper format.

The customer Magazine Diagram 179 is online.

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Discover in our latest customer magazine why a smart city is a sustainable city and how to eat our way to a healthier planet.

News & Events

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North American Locations

Bühler Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
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Bühler Contacts in USA & Canada

Bühler Inc. (Grinding & Dispersion)
Mahwah, NJ
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Bühler Aeroglide (Drying)
Cary, NC
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Bühler Leybold Optics (Surface Coating)
Cary, NC
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BühlerPrince, Inc. (Die Casting)
Holland, MI
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Bühler Inc. (Optical Sorting)
Stockton, CA
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Bühler (Canada) Inc.
Markham, Ontario
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Bühler Mexico
Toluca, Mexico
+ 52 722 2620 500
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