Bühler Service Station

Bühler Service Station - Your benefits

- Fast availability of service and spare parts
- Excellent service quality on the spot
- Easy access to expert know-how
- Localized service solutions

Bühler Service Station

Quality within reach

Bühler Service Stations help to conserve the value of your plants and equipments and ensure their maximum availability over all phases of lifecycle.

Due to the local presence of the Bühler Service Stations easy and speedy access to spare and wear parts as well as sophisticated maintenance services is guaranteed. For highest availability and maximum yield.

Novosibirsk Service Station - Our specific offerings:

  • Expert services
  • Roll Services
    • Corrugated rolls:
      Max. length: 1500mm
      Max. diameter: 450mm
    • Grinding rolls:
      Max. length: 1500mm
      Max. diameter: 450mm
  • Manufacturing of accessories


Buhler Service Novosibirsk Petukhova str. 79, office 307
630119 Novosibirsk
Phone: + 7 (383) 342-15-30
Fax: + 7 (383) 342-15-30
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