Polaris – the third star on the rise

04/10/2009 Sirius the plansifter and Antares the roller mill have now been followed by Polaris: The Bühler Grain Milling business unit presented its new Polaris purifier at the IPACK-IMA trade show in Milan. It offers higher throughput capacity, improved sanitation, and maximum product safety. This is “The New Art of Milling.” Over the past two years, the Bühler Grain Milling business unit redesigned and updated its core machines for the grinding process from scratch. It all started in 2007 with the completely revised Sirius plansifter. It was followed a year ago by the modernized Antares roller mill. And now comes the last of the bright new stars – the Polaris purifier.

Updated from scratch
In the processing of wheat and corn (maize), the purifier is a key piece of equipment. It purifies and grades semolina and middlings in durum wheat, common wheat, and corn mills. It took some three years to develop the new Polaris (MQRG) purifier. During this period, Urs Zwahlen and his team updated the predecessor model MQRF from scratch, of which about 5000 machines are in service worldwide. “In-depth basic studies and extended flow tests enabled us to sharply increase the throughput capacity, to further improve the product safety and process relia- bility, and to optimize sanitation,” explains the experienced machine developer. “We also gave our new purifier a design that reduces maintenance and increases its ease of operation.” Visually, the ergonomical design is modeled after that of the new Antares roller mill.

Intensive aerodynamics research
One of the most outstanding features of the new Polaris purifier is its increased throughput capacity. With its sieve width extended by 60 to 520 millimeters – with its former sieve length of 4 times 500 millimeters being retained – the Polaris boasts a greatly increased useful screen area. But thanks to its sophisticated design, the Polaris does not take up more space than its predecessor. The new purifier is also available as a compact, space-saving double-deck machine. In addition to the increased screen area, also the air flow inside the new machine was optimized. Urs Zwahlen: “We spent a lot of time researching the air flows and material streams. In particular the air flow simulations on the PC revealed new approaches. Our calculations then showed us that the new flow conditions in conjunction with the screen width of 520 millimeters provide an optimal space-to-throughput yield. Moreover, the reliable material feed and the pre-stratification of the material in the inlet maximize the separating efficiency.”

20 percent higher throughput
The result of this development effort is respectable: The new Polaris purifier achieves a 20 percent higher throughput. “However, we not only boosted the absolute throughput capacity, but also increased the specific throughput per square centimeter of screen area,” explains Roman Inauen, the product manager in charge. The throughput range of the Polaris is carefully matched to the upstream and downstream processes. “Our new purifier embodies the optimum of screen area and throughput capacity, paired with maximum separating efficiency,” says Roman Inauen, summarizing the advantages of the Polaris.

International food standards
The new Polaris purifier also sets new standards in terms of sanitation and product safety. Sanitation has been improved by a number of measures. Thus, all components in contact with the product are made of stainless materials. And with its completely enclosed design, the Polaris is unique in the marketplace. The new Bühler purifier satisfies the most rigorous international food standards such as BRC, FDA, or IFS. Last, not least, the swing-up air ducts allow easy and efficient cleaning. In addition, the streamlined aspiration system ensures perfectly sanitary conditions. Another valuable feature of the new purifier is its impact-resistant and age-resistant inspection windows. The standardized quality of all its components ensures maximum uptime and reliability of the Polaris.

Higher economy
Beside its increased throughput capacity and improved sanitation, the new Bühler Polaris purifier also possesses a number of attributes which make it extremely easy to operate and highly economical. Control and monitoring of the Polaris have been designed with the user in mind so as to be as easy as possible. In addition to the ergonomic and functional design, this is also ensured by the user-friendly air control system and the integrated LED lighting, which combines energy-saving, optimal screen illumination with a long service life. The maintenance requirement is reduced by the maintenance-free, energysaving drive and the low-maintenance design, which help minimize the downtimes of the machine.

The new Polaris purifier is distinguished by its ergonomic design, its increased throughput capacity, its top sanitation, and its ease of use. The new Polaris purifier is distinguished by its ergonomic design, its increased throughput capacity, its top sanitation, and its ease of use.


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