A jewel

12/12/2006 From corn trader to corn miller – Bühler has built Poland’s first corn (maize) mill for the Bio Corn company in the southwestern part of the country. It satisfies the most stringent technological and hygienic requirements. The southwestern area of Poland is known as a corn (maize) growing region. For years, the agricultural Group Ziebice focused its activities on corn trading. Since September 2005, the Bio Corn company of the Group Ziebice has been operating a state-of-the-art Bühler corn mill with a daily capacity of 200 metric tons.

Formerly Münsterberg
The new corn mill of the Bio Corn Spo. z o. o. company was built on a greenmeadow site near the Southern Polish city of Ziebice. Ziebice has about 10,000 inhabitants. It is located on the shores of the Ohlau river in the southeastern part of Lower Silesia in the Sudetic Mountains some 60 kilometers south of Wroclaw (Breslau) and 20 kilometers from the Czech border. Ziebice has a historical city center with a number of sights worth seeing. Up to the year 1945, its name was Münsterberg. It is mentioned for the first time in records dating back to the 13th century. After World War II, Münsterberg was incorporated in Poland together with the County of Glatz. The Ziebice region is located at an altitude of about 250 meters above sea level and offers outstanding climatic conditions for growing corn (maize).

High standards
”Corn is our passion!” says the website of the Bio Corn company. This, it is said, prompted the management of the Group Ziebice in 2004 to turn its attention from traditional corn trading also to the grinding of corn into highquality products such as corn meal, corn grits, and corn semolina for the beer brewing and food processing industries. The requirements for the new corn mill were defined on the basis of the high standards demanded by prospective customers active in the fields of beer brewing, breakfast cereals production, salty baked goods, and gluten-free foods. Following a public invitation to tender, the contract was awarded to Bühler due to its excellent track record.

Top-class finished products
An overall concept was developed in close cooperation with the customer for the construction of the plant on a green-field site. In addition to the high product quality aimed at, special attention was also paid to sanitation. The heart of the corn processing plant is formed by two corn (maize) degerminators (MHXL). They guarantee a high yield of top-class finished products with low fat content.
Product-compliant grinding and processing are ensured by Newtronic fourroller mills (MDDM), a plansifter of type MPAH, and a purifier (MQRF). The end products can be loaded out either in bulk onto trucks or be filled into Big Bags or standard-size bags.

Materials handling inside the mill and conveying to the finished product bins is carried out by pneumatic conveying systems. They ensure best possible aspiration and therefore a dust-free and hygienically impeccable plant.
The entire corn mill is computer-controlled. The WinCos basic system offers the plant operators a clear overview over the ongoing process and ensures easy operation. A well-equipped laboratory, which was also supplied by Bühler, enables the quality of the product to be monitored.

International interest
After the contract was signed in the autumn of 2004, the equipment was supplied and installed in May 2005. The new corn mill operated by the Bio Corn company went into service in July 2005. At the start of September, this “jewel” of the Bio Corn company was officially dedicated in an appropriate ceremony.
Ever since, Bio Corn has been making corn-based products in its new facility. They have different particle sizes and a fat content below one percent, for example grits for breweries, snack foods, and various flours. The national and international customers of Bio Corn have in the meantime inspected the new corn mill and convinced themselves on site of the perfect quality of production and products alike.

Group Ziebice
Bio Corn Sp. z o. o. is a company belonging to the agricultural cooperative Group Ziebice, which is active in the production as well as the buying and selling of agricultural produce. The Group Ziebice collaborates with over 2000 farmers in the southwestern part of Poland, who have a total of 35,000 hectares under cultivation. The main product of the Group Ziebice is highgrade corn (maize), which previously the Group sold to other customers. Since the completion of the new Bio Corn mill, the Group has processed part of the crop itself.

The new corn mill of the Bio Corn company. The new corn mill of the Bio Corn company.


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