The SORTEX Z+ sets new standards

10/31/2006 Over the past four years, the optical sorters of the Z Series have set the standard in the field of sorting. And now Bühler has further raised it by rolling out the SORTEX Z+. Sortex, the Bühler Optical Sorting business unit, has been a global leader in sorting technology since it was founded in 1947. Time and again, the company has pioneered new technologies and thereby boosted the effectiveness and efficiency of the world’s food processing industry.

Newest generation
The SORTEX Z+ recently launched is the newest generation of optical sorters. The device is an inspired combination of advanced camera technology, intuitive operating features, and user friendliness that takes sorting to an entirely new level of sophistication and efficiency. The new Bühler SORTEX Z+ offers better efficiency and lower running costs than ever before – and with a greater range of customization to specific needs. “With the SORTEX Z+,” explains Sortex Managing Director Bruno Kilshaw, ‘‘we have pushed the technology still further to levels of efficiency where the highest quality can be achieved time after time as a matter of course.”

Higher-resolution cameras
The exciting and innovative features of the new SORTEX Z+ include especially: Highly developed camera technology: At the heart of the new optical sorter is its camera power – monochromatic and bichromatic cameras that can detect color defects in visible or infrared wavelengths. With the highest possible resolution and signal-to-noise ratio available today, the SORTEX Z+ cameras can detect and reject even the smallest defects. PROfile shape recognition: The combination of these most advanced cameras and PROfile shape recognition technology enables the detection of a very wide range of foreign material, extraneous vegetable matter, small spot defects, fine product damage, and subtle differences in color. Ease of use: Operators require minimum training to get the best possible performance from the SORTEX Z+. Operation of the machine is further facilitated by a colored, intuitive user interface.

First choice
The Z Series was introduced only four years ago. Ever since, it has become established in more than 60 countries as first choice for sorting a wide variety of products – from cereal grains and coffee to tea, beans, pulses, nuts, and nonfood products such as plastics.

The new Sortex Z+ optical sorter. The new Sortex Z+ optical sorter.


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