Bühler wins 15 SORTEX K sales from Virto

06/01/2007 Spanish Group makes massive commitment to unique SORTEX Technology. When the Virto Group, Spain’s largest vegetable processor, undertook trials on the frozen version of the Bühler Sortex K optical sorter, the results were spectacular. So spectacular that, after the trials at its Ultracongelades de Cortes division, it placed an order for 15 machines to be delivered in 2007.

A volume order of this scale is rare in the industry. Within Bühler’s optical sorting division it is seen as typical of the interest that the K has excited globally and which has driven Bühler Sortex to step up pro-duction to meet a flood of orders.

What makes the K unique, according to Business Development Manager David Adams, is the applica-tion of military satellite technology. “InGaAs sensors are used in satellites to detect green military camps concealed in forests. This ‘spy in the sky’ technology, allied to the Bühler Sortex K’s colour and PROfile shape recognition capability, ensure the highest possible levels of defect removal with mini-mum loss of good product. The result is an extremely short pay back time on the initial investment.”

Antonio Baldero, Group Engineer at Virto, was quick to be convinced of the K’s advantages. “We were so pleased with the sort quality and product recovery of the K, that we decided to roll out machines across all our companies. We process an exceptionally wide range of vegetables and the Bühler Sortex K is able to make grade on all of them in one pass. This is something we were not always able to do previously.”

Bühler’s intensive R&D investment continues as it strives to make what it, and its customers, believe to be the best, even better.


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