SORTEX Z+ first to sort coffee by colour and shape

06/18/2007 Bühler launched new shape sorting technology that allows coffee processors to sort simultaneously by shape as well as colour, at the Tea and Coffee World Cup in Geneva. It gives Bühler’s SORTEX Z+ optical sorters a unique advantage as the company targets this important market sector. Until now it was only possible to distinguish defects in coffee beans by optical colour sorting. The removal of foreign material the same colour as the accept product, such as brown sticks in roasted coffee, could previously only be done by a mechanical or hand sorting process.

The new PROfile shape sorting technology enables SORTEX Z+ sorters to simultaneously identify reject material by shape as well as colour. This unique facility dramatically increases productivity and operational efficiency, within the same operating footprint. The SORTEX Z+ can also connect by phone to Bühler’s Z-Anyware service, which allows engineers to evaluate and optimise performance remotely. Up time is increased and service call outs reduced as 80% of problems can be remedied over the phone.

Craig Briggs, Research & Development Director at Bühler’s London division, believes that the improved Sortex Z+ specification will become indispensable to coffee processors. “We are maintaining our reputation for continuous innovation that we have won over the 60 years we have operated from London,” he said. “Throughout that time we have always been committed to finding a better way of doing things. This latest advance demonstrates that our commitment is as strong as ever.”


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