Antares – perfect, powerful, rugged, precise

04/29/2008 The New Art of Milling: With its novel Antares roller mill, Bühler is setting new standards in the flour milling industry in terms of product safety and operating reliability as well as ease of maintenance and user-friendliness. The roller mill is a key piece of equipment in grain processing. The quality of the roller mill determines the efficiency of the entire milling plant, the flour extraction rate, and the product quality.

Latest roller mill technology
With its new Antares roller mill generation, Bühler has once again made a big stride forward in grain grinding technology. “With the Antares, we have launched a roller mill that excellently fulfills the requirements of the flour milling industry, which have continued to increase,” says Martin Schlauri, head of the Bühler Milling business unit. “The controlled and constant grinding of whole grain kernels into intermediate or finished products continues to be one of the most important processes in flour milling. We have not simply refined the existing roller mill design, but created completely innovative solutions in the new Antares roller mill. Our new roller mill is distinguished especially by its uncompromising sanitation, its high operating reliability, its ruggedness, and its centralized data registration system.” For flour millers, the new Antares roller mill offers a clear improvement of efficiency through reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements as well as low operating costs. The new Antares roller mill is available in two versions: as an MDDR four-roller mill and as an MDDT eight-roller mill.

Uncompromising sanitation
In developing the new Antares roller mill generation, sanitation was a very high priority. All components in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, with surfaces that do not have any additional coating and are colorless. The entire product chamber is stainless. In order to ensure top sanitation, the double-walled, excellently insulated paneling is easy to swing up, and the feeder module can be swung open for cleaning the feed chamber. To prevent contamination, no oil is used for lubrication: All power transmissions are oil-free.

Constant feed rate and grinding action
The new Antares roller mill guarantees maximum uptime and high operating reliability. The wide inlet without any internal components ensures constant, dependable product feed to the grinding rolls. This is an important requirement for achieving perfect grinding action. The patented, gravimetric product registration system ensures controlled product feed to the grinding rolls. Continuous product discharge, maintenance-free bearings, and the oil-free drive make the new Antares roller mill a “master of operating reliability.” The forces in the sturdy roll packs are self-contained. The roll packs are characterized by the very high accuracy with which the roll gap can be set, which is then maintained constant. An automatic grinding gap adjustment mechanism is available as an option.

Low maintenance, high ruggedness
A number of design innovations have yet again slashed the maintenance requirement of the new Antares roller mill. Thus, the bearings of the feed rolls are provided with for-life lubrication, which eliminates the need for lubrication checks and relubrication. The open design and the tried-and-true “Quick-Pack” roll packs allow fast roll changes, even with a minimum clearance between the individual machine rows. Oil-free, high-performance toothed belts transmit the power from the motor to the rolls. The belts driving the corrugated (fluted) and smooth rollers have the same length, reducing the spare parts inventory requirement.

Centralized cockpit
The Antares roller mill is equipped with an integrated and autonomous control system. It ensures easy operation of the roller mill and permits direct selection of the parameters. The new Antares cockpit allows centralized control, data registration, and data processing for all roller mills on a given roller floor. All the basic control functions of the roller mills on a roller floor can be performed from the centralized operator panel. The entire data from the roller mills is also collected in the cockpit for evaluation and archiving. This makes the parameters and settings as well as the data on maintenance and operating conditions available in real time. Moreover, it is possible to call up the operation manuals whenever needed. Martin Schlauri is pleased about the feedback he has received from flour millers throughout the world. He is convinced that the new Antares roller mill with all its innovative improvements will meet with highly positive responses. “We do not doubt for a moment that the Antares will satisfy all the current needs of modern flour millers.”

Antares, the new roller mill from Bühler. <br />
<br /> Antares, the new roller mill from Bühler.


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