Chinese bean processors power Bühler Sortex sales drive

09/05/2008 The market leading performance of Bühler Sortex Z+ bichromatic sorters is enabling Chinese processors of all types of beans to achieve export quality product in greater volume and at less cost than was attainable in the past. The Wen’an Food and Oil Business Co. Ltd. typifies the advantages that a SORTEX Z+ solution delivers. “We have used a Bühler Sortex Z+ for two years to sort small red adzuki beans and plan to buy another two Z+ Sorters again this year,” says General Manager Mr.Xu. “The increase in performance compared with our former sorter is spectacular.

“Sorting capacity has increased from 1tph to 1.5 – 2.5tph per chute, depending on the customer’s required reject ratio and the level of input contamination, which can range from 2 to 15%. Our bichromatic sorter has an exceptionally effective reject ratio, which means that many fewer good beans are lost in the reject stream. It also enables us to reject mung beans and muddy balls in one operation – something that our former sorter was unable to do. The result of course is the considerable decrease in waste and increased profitability.”

The SORTEX Z+ removes a wider range of contaminants than was previously possible - including brick, stone, glass and other bean types. Of course, the essential rejection of split and dark adzuki beans is guaranteed.

“The SORTEX Z+ is easy to operate,” added General Engineer Mr.Liu. “Applications can be swapped at the touch of a button and its consistency of performance and ease of operation and maintenance allow us to sustain maximum output even when we suffer temporary labour shortages. It means that we have an export quality product able to satisfy the demanding expectations of the Japanese market.”

Leo Huang, Bühler Sortex’s Sales Manager, has seen a rapid rise in sales to new customers in China this year. “We have finalised contracts with processors of all types of beans including mung, black, red kidney and soya,” he said. “I am particularly heartened by the fact that many existing customers are actively planning to install additional sorters in the near future.”

Note to editors:

Bühler’s business unit Bühler Sortex developed the first sorters for the agricultural industry and it is now the world’s leading manufacturer of optical sorting machines. Its clients, in over 140 countries, are involved in every type of agricultural commodity; fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, coffee & tea, beans & pulses as well as snack foods, confectionery, breakfast cereals and non food products such as plastics. They rely on Bühler Sortex to enable them to meet consumer quality demands, safeguard their brand image and increase their revenues. Bühler Sortex do this by adding value and guaranteeing consistent, high quality produce.

SORTEX Z+ optical sorters are available in one, two, three and four chute versions with capacities that range from 1.5 tph to 6.0 tph to suit the requirements of each bean processor. The advanced technologies employed recognise and eliminate colour defects, spot defects, split beans and foreign material such as muddy balls, brick, stones, sticks, wood, glass and plastics, with an efficiency that minimizes waste while delivering the highest yields, within a very small footprint.


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