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Givaudan and Bühler partner to fast-track market access and innovation for start-ups

Two leading Swiss companies join forces to accelerate global customer access to food industry start-upsDevelopment programme offers start-ups world-leading expertise and capabilities through Swiss innovation centres Read more

Bühler’s Digital Cell is a step change for the die-casting industry

Düsseldorf (Germany), June 25, 2019 – Today Bühler Die Casting is introducing the vision of the Digital Cell, a solution that aims to deliver 0% scrap, 40% less cycle time, and 24/7 uptime to make the die-casting industry more profitable and efficient. Three solutions launched today form part of the future Digital Cell, the first of which will be every future Bühler die-casting cell’s smart digital brain – the SmartCMS (Smart Cell Management System). With the capability to collect and manage information from every component and peripheral, it will improve process performance and make it possible to significantly increase OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). The second breakthrough is a set of digital services, among them Predictive Analytics, which can deliver a tenfold reduction in downtimes thanks to predictive maintenance. The third key development is Fusion, Bühler’s next-generation, three-platen die-casting platform. Read more

Rainer Schulz elected unanimously to Board of Directors

Uzwil (Switzerland), June 24, 2019 – Rainer Schulz, former CEO of the global REHAU Group, has been elected unanimously to Bühler Group’s Board of Directors last Friday. Read more

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