Visconomic+™ bead mill

Visconomic+™ bead mill – Combining efficiency and convenience.

- Highest flow rates with high viscous products
- Effective temperature control
- Flexible control options
- High degree of user-friendliness


Our innovative solution for the processing of high viscous products. High flow rates
Visconomic+™ allows high flow rates even with high viscous products such as UV offset inks. The unique pin-type process chamber design guarantees efficient wet grinding and dispersing.

Suitable for temperature-sensitive products
Visconomic+™ offers precise product temperature control up to the very highest product viscosities. In addition, the ceramic inner liner offers even more efficient cooling and improved wear performance.

Flexible control options
Our different control options allow you to choose the most cost-efficient solution for your needs. From our ‘Comfort’ control with push-buttons to an integrated IoT plant solution, our experts can work with you to specify the best solution.

User-friendly design
With the process chamber set at a user-friendly height, the Visconomic+™ is easy to operate. Additionally, all relevant parts are fully accessible which simplifies maintenance.

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