Neodymium magnetic separator MMUN

Neodymium magnetic separator MMUN – Magnetic force that pays off.

- Maximum food safety.
- Optimum removal of magnetic metal parts.
- Excellent field strength of up to 12’000 Gauss.
- Sanitary design.

Neodymium magnetic separator MMUN

The food industry has zero tolerance towards contamination by metal particles. Its powerful neodymium magnets ensure absolutely reliable selection of magnetic metal particles.

Optimum removal is achieved by the powerful magnetic field strength of 10,000 to 12,000 Gauss. The combination of Gauss value (flow density) and field depth
allows MMUN to achieve best results.
The Neodymium magnetic separator is used as tubular or drawer magnet to remove magnetic metal particles from flour, semolina or flakes.
With its automatic cleaning function its generous interior and easy-to-clean
stainless steel parts in contact with the product, the MMUN complies with the international regulations of the EHEDG, BRC or IFS for sanitary design, and guarantees maximum food safety.

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