Roller mill Minicompact DBZE

Roller mill Minicompact DBZE – for a constant grist result.

- Easy to operate with grinding gap adjustment
- Two milling passes for reproducible grist quality
- Compact design with an integrated outlet
- High safety standards

Roller mill Minicompact DBZE

The four-roller mill Minicompact DBZE grinds malt and raw grain over two passages, achieving excellent composition of husks, grist and flour. The intuitive Minicompact is suitable for breweries as well as distilleries for direct grinding in the mash tun until 50 hl and indirect mashing in the grist bin of up to 100 hl.

The operation of the Minicompact is easy and intuitive. The grinding gap can be quickly adjusted and monitored. Product is feed via rollers and optimally controlled by the precise feed gap adjustment.

Easy to operate
The Minicompact DBZE is an intuitive grinding system with simple manual grinding gap adjustment. The optional Two Gap function offers the possibility to change the grinding gap pneumatically between two set positions. Easy sampling with the optional sampler allows the control of grist product after grinding.

Reproducible grinding quality
The hardened rollers of the four-roller mill enable the grinding of dry or conditioned malt as well as grains, such as broken rice, barley, sorghum or corn and thus allow the production of a large number of beers.
Grinding takes places over two passages which, in comparison to one passage mills, produces a significantly higher yield and shorter lautering times.

Compact design
The Minicompact has a robust and compact design with an integrated outlet hopper and requires little space. The low-maintenance machine boasts impressive sanitation and
can be cleaned effectively due to easy machine access.

High safety standards
The Minicompact four-roller mill is available with pressure relief for safe discharge of explosive energy in enclosed spaces and, thanks to its dust tight construction, is suitable for installation in ATEX Zone 22. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with sensors for monitoring rotation speed, disengagement and temperature.


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