ChocoBelt St S

ChocoBelt St S - The belt conveyor hygienically designed for gently conveying pasty or powdery chocolate mass.

- Modular conveyor design
- Improved conveyor design for highest uptime
- Latest hygiene and safety standard

ChocoBelt St S

Gentle conveying is a basic requirement in the food processing industry. The newly designed Bühler ChocoBelt™ St S conveyor moves products from one process step to the next without changing its properties. Modular conveyor design
With the applied modular design of the steel belt conveyor it is nearly possible to tailor each chocolate line to the specific customers’ needs and the available space conditions.

Improved conveyor design for highest uptime
With the new conveyor design, complexity has been reduced to make the operation even more reliable and to minimize necessary maintenance. This results in high uptimes and long life time of the conveyors by keeping the necessary maintenance on a low level.

Latest hygiene and safety standard
With the new concept in stainless steel the high expectations in terms of hygienic design are met. During the development there was also a special focus on the access of the conveyor for better cleanability and upkeep.


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