SnackFix™ – new small scale production system for cereal bars

- Smart and compact solution for cereal bar production
- For small scale production up to 130 kg per hour
- Attractively priced solution
- Easily extendable due to the modular design of all components

SnackFix™ cereal bar line

This is a small scale production system for cereal bars. The flexible modular design is a good start into industrial production of bars. Bühler has developed a new process solution for small batch cereal bar production comprising a continuous mixer, a small cooling tunnel and a cutting system: the SnackFix™ system. The combination of those elements allows manufacturing of a variety of cereal bars.

The system is ideal for producing a wide range of cereal bars with a throughput of up to 130 kg/hr, depending on product size and recipe with or without a cooling tunnel, and depending on the product.

In combination with other systems the SnackFix™ can produce enrobed products and extruded products with or without filling. Thanks to the modular design the manufacturing of a huge variety of products is possible.

Confectionery products

Comprehensive portfolio for cooking, forming, cooling, cutting and enrobing confectionery products.

Video SnackFix™


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