Fanning system FA EB

Fanning system FA EB – spacing strands before cutting and enrobing

- Spacing strands at necessary distance
- Flexible in product width
- Flexible in spreading angle
- Easy access

Fanning system FA EB

Spreading strands before cutting and enrobing. The fanning system FA horizontally spaces product with controlled individual belts. These sturdy plastic belts move at a slight angle to create a gap where product can be cut, enrobed or packaged. The system is very easy to clean and maintain. If needed, an additional device can be added to space vertically as well. The fanning belt can be portable. Upon request, a transversal transport belt can be supplied for the lateral rework mass. All belts are scraped off from the outside and inside. Flexible rollers at the infeed and discharge allow the product width or spreading width to be quickly changed. For this reason the FA EB is the most flexible version.

A second version of this system with plastic blocks is available as the fanning system FA-KST.

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