Strand slitter SG

Strand slitter SG – longitudinal cutting for continuous product slabs

- Cutting a slab into strands
- Easy to change product size
- Easy startup and cleaning

Strand slitter SG

Forming directly into shape and controlled into packaging, molds or trays. The strand slitter is designed to cut continuous slabs or individual sheets which have been formed by a Bühler form press and cooled to the required cutting temperature in a Bühler cooling tunnel into strands.

Depending on the mass, the circular knives can cut on either a plastic counter roller or on an included feeding belt. A downholder keeps the cut strands in position. The knives are arranged to avoid displacing the mass. The circular knives can be tempered and are cleaned by scrapers. It is possible to have a release agent that insulates the knives to avoid built up. Knives with different diameters and thicknesses – either coated or uncoated – can be selected depending on the product. The machine has a big advantage in that the belt, circular knives and counter roller all have their own drive.

A pneumatic lifting device for the circular knife shaft helps start the system up and clean it. A coupling between drive and circular knife shaft makes it fast and safe to change them.

A simple version of the strand slitter, the circular knife station KS, is also available.

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