Rotary bar roller press  DP and DDP

Rotary bar roller press DP and DDP – the universal form press system

- Flexible systems to create slabs or strands mono or co-extruded
- Suitable for caramel, dough, protein, marzipan or fruit masses
- Easy to clean
- Modular system
- Capacity up to 2,000 kg/hr

Rotary bar roller press DP and DDP

Flexible extrusion systems to create slabs or strands mono or co-extruded. Mono Extrusion

The mono extrusion system DP is made as a rotary bar roller system. Two rotary bar rollers pull in the product mixture from the hopper by gravity feed and press it out through individual nozzles or as a slab if needed depending on the nozzle design and the use of the equipment for a particular task.


Co-extrusion system DDP is similar to the single extrusion except there are four rotary bar rollers and two hoppers to supply the mass to the nozzle and combine the masses to the shape desired. The shape of the two nozzle inserts determines what the product coming out of the nozzle will look like. There are a myriad of shapes possible, however density, inclusions and viscosity determine the shapes that might work with a particular mass.

In combination with the universal FP-Drive with its servo motors, very precise slabs and strands with a high quality can be produced.

The universal form press drive FP follows the MAT (Module Assembly Technique). It is designed to run all different form press heads such as DP, DDP, GP-M and GP-N. This modular idea is perfect for maintenance, flexibility, easy start up and many more things.

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