WinCos® PocketPlant

WinCos® PocketPlant - Line monitoring in the palm of your hand

- Remote and targeted monitoring of line states
- Improved plant uptime thanks to fast intervention possibility
- Increased mobility and flexibility for operators – inside and outside the plant

WinCos® PocketPlant

With Bühler’s PocketPlant service, remote monitoring of the plant’s production lines becomes an easy task. Identifying line errors or assigning responsibilities is simple. It provides the edge necessary to keep the plant’s uptime high. PocketPlant offers the convenience of continuously monitoring the state of the production lines. A notification service ensures that events with a need for operator intervention are sent to the staff in charge. Precise information with fast decision-making in mind enables targeted intervention. Plant uptime improves significantly.

With PocketPlant the operating staff is able to move freely inside or outside the plant. No matter if operators are “distracted” working on a maintenance case or a supervisor wants to keep informed from home, they will always have a grip on the status of the production lines.

WinCos® PocketPlant is a subscription-based service with an annual fee. It is based on Bühler’s plant control system WinCos® and runs on any desktop or mobile device.


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