STAR vacuum coater

STAR vacuum coater – Versatile coating system for small batch Rx lens production.

- Super compact design
- Multiple production capabilities
- Easy to install and to reposition

STAR vacuum coater


Bühler Leybold Optics’ STAR is a new reactive single magnetron sputter coating system dedicated to ophthalmic optics applications. The system is very easy to install and operate. Moreover, the sputter technology allows for fastest process cycle times and color coatings. As such, this versatile machine is perfectly suited for use in retail shops where supplying customers with an individual pair of Rx glasses with AR coating on both sides within one hour is a high priority. Space-saving super compact design.

With the smallest footprint within our product portfolio, the
STAR can be placed even within niches. Thus, this user-friendly coating system is a perfect fit for even the smallest laboratory environments.

Process environment allows for unique product diversity.

Through the use of SiO2 and Si3N4 multi-layers, anti-reflective, absorbing or mirror coatings can be applied onto the eyeglass surfaces.
The STAR is designed for single-pair production. With a maximum of 4 substrates in one batch it is the perfect choice for the fast production of Rx lens pairs. Based on the high deposition rates, up to 5 pairs per hour can be coated from both sides.

Highly mobile solution through intelligent design.

Mounted on castors and with the capacity to have all gas cylinders incorporated within the small base frame, the STAR is unique in terms of easy installation and repositioning. Simply by inserting the electrical plug into the socket and connecting the compressed-air supply, the machine is ready to run.


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