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Die-casting machine


Fusion is the flexible solution for die casting aluminum and magnesium with 5500 to 14000 kN die locking force. Closed-loop control, modular design and Industry 4.0 capability make this the future-proof solution for your production.

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Key benefits

Focus on the quality of the parts

The Bühler closed-loop, real-time injection unit is the foundation for best-in-class casting quality.

Easy to operate. Easy to service.

DataView makes it easy for your operators to monitor and control the machine. The protective fences open up to reveal well-organized energy frames and offer easy access to key components.

Designed with energy efficiency in mind

Smoother servo-driven hydraulics can cut your cycle time and reduce energy consumption by 40%.

Fusion: Maximum performance for highest value creation

Precision shot control

Real-time controlled injection unit

Fusion comes with Bühler's unique closed-loop and real-time controlled injection unit for consistent and high part quality. Real-time adjustments during the plunger movement prevent speed and pressure deviations. This keeps parts within parameters to enhance reproducible quality. It also reduces cycle time deviations and helps the die last longer.

DataView control

Single point of control

Available in multiple languages, DataView’s intuitive graphic interface puts your operators in control. An overview of the die-casting machine and its integrated peripherals allows central control and monitoring of the entire cell from one interface. The system checks your processes in real time and collects, analyzes and stores all production data for each cycle to give you total traceability.

Reduced cycle time

Reengineered closing unit reduces cycle time

Based on experience gained from thousands of installations worldwide, Fusion takes the three-platen closing unit to the next level. Improved rigidity with reduced weight means a faster, more precise closing, while using less energy.

Innovative machine design

Modular energy frames

All interfaces between the die and the machine are contained in a modular energy frame for flexible machine configuration and production. This opens up a wider range of options to match the precise needs of your process. Each side of the machine can be equipped with up to three energy frame rows, giving you room for upgrades and future repurposing.

Designed for your 24/7 foundry

Simplifying your operations

Fusion has been designed for hard-working foundry applications. The injection unit splash guard and the well-arranged die-machine interfaces provide easy access and operation. The single point of access cuts maintenance time. For example, changing the filters or re-filling hydraulic fluid is now straightforward, even during full operation.

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