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The HIVIS triple-shaft planetary disperser/kneader/mixer sets the standard for a wide variety of uses, from mixing dry powder particle materials to kneading high-viscosity materials across a wide range of applications.

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Key benefits

State-of-the-art electrode slurry mixing

The HIVIS range takes the conventional mixing process for electrode slurry preparation to the next level.

A wide range of process applications

The combination of low-speed kneading tools and high-speed dissolvers allows you to process a wide range of products from low- to high-viscosity materials.

Optimal mixing efficiency

The triple-shaft planetary mixer is ideal for both pre-mixing and fine dispersing a wide range of products.

Highlight features

Twisted blades

Uniform processing

The HIVIS design contains two twisted blades that move simultaneously along their own axis while orbiting the vessel in a planetary motion to reduce "dead space" and promote uniform mixing, kneading and vacuum de-ventilation.

Vacuum processing

Sealed vessel option

The vessel can be sealed, which allows mixing in a vacuum. The container comes with a jacket for quick heating or cooling.

A wide range

Suitable for numerous applications

The HIVIS range includes three different versions of planetary mixers for a wide range of chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and IT applications and a homogenizing emulsifier for dispersion testing and small-volume production.

Comprehensive solutions

Process engineering expertise

We can support your new technology with our process engineering expertise, helping you integrate it into your process or plant in the most efficient way.

Services and training

Our services and training are designed to keep you up to date on products and technologies, giving you the confidence and experience you need.

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