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The industrially proven Filmix technology offers quasi continuous production to create high-quality electrode slurry for all of your lithium-ion battery production.

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Key benefits

High product consistency

The technology delivers effective, reproducible and accurately controllable dispersion of your active material and conductive additives.

Semi-continuous electrode slurry production

High productivity due to the semi-continuous operation of the Filmix technology.

Lower investment and operating cost

Filmix semi-continuous operation offers you economies of scale, with a smaller number of operators and lower energy consumption compared to batch processes.

Highlight features

CDM process

High productivity for thin-film dispersions

The continuous dispersion mixing (CDM) process has been specially developed for the production of slurries used in lithium-ion battery manufacturing, providing the linear scalability you need, in particular in the automotive industry.

Turbulent mixing

Improved battery quality

The highly efficient, turbulent mixing process results in better battery qualities, for example charging/discharging behavior and lifespan, due to the homogenous dispersion of conductive carbon in the active material of the cathode slurry.


Easy to assemble and clean

When designing the machine, we took great care to ensure that the individual components are easy to assemble and dismantle, thereby facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.


Ideal for small batches through to mass production

Filmix machines are ideally suited to the production of small batches as well as continuous mass production processes.


Centers of competence

Our centers of competence give you the opportunity to try out our Filmix technology. Our experts perform individual trials with you.

Total solutions

Process engineering expertise

We can support your introduction of Filmix technology with our process engineering expertise in the dispersion of materials for battery technology, helping you integrate it into your process or plant in the most efficient way.

Services & trainings

Our services and training are designed to keep you up to date on products and technologies, giving you the confidence and experience you need.

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