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Inclusive Diversity at Bühler

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Inclusive Diversity at Bühler

Find out more about our commitment to ensure an inclusive workplace for each and every one of our employees.


About D&I

Diversity and Inclusion at Bühler means that we want every individual to have the same opportunities for personal development and creating the best possible environment for collaboration and performance. All while respecting each individual with their unique characteristics and valuing them for their competence, experience, performance, and behavior. We believe in the power of inclusive diversity because different perspectives, knowledge, and beliefs will lead to better solutions for technologies, people, companies, and the world.

We started our journey towards inclusive diversity in 2017, when the D&I core team was formed. It has since grown to become a global community full of passionate people eager to support Bühler on this exciting journey. 

Structuring our D&I program

5 themes for a diverse and inclusive culture

We center our diversity and inclusion efforts on five global themes. Each of them is crucial to a good “people strategy” and to enabling everyone to be able to give their best and have a fulfilling working life.

Tracking and reporting our efforts and successes

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Annual Report

To help us track and report our progress, we compile an update report for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Bühler every year. 

In the report, we highlight what we have done so far and what we are planning to do in the future for each part of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion structure.

You can find more information on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Bühler in our most recent report, which you can find below:

Learn about some of our key initiatives

A workshop program for more inclusive diversity

Being aware of and addressing our own biases and the negative impact they can have especially in the workplace is crucial for an inclusive company culture. That is why we started the Beyond Bias program at Bühler in 2019. It consist of a half-day workshop that supports employees in exploring their own biases and learning about tools to mitigate them.  It is filled to the brink with eye-opening exercises, engaging group discussions, and scientific studies and tools to equip participants to be inclusion champions at Bühler. Since October 2019, we also train our own internal Beyond Bias facilitators to be able to offer the workshop to diverse employees all over the globe. 

An initiative for a gender-balanced STEM world

In 2020, a small team of three female STEM and HR employees at Bühler launched the “Women in STEM” initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to inspire girls and women to pursue an education and career in a more technical or scientific field – defeating traditional gender stereotypes and helping to create amazing role models along the way. 

Since the launch in 2020, the Women in STEM team has brought to life various events and projects to inspire both women and men at Bühler and outside to help foster the gender balance in STEM fields. Be it employee engagement events, workshops with school pupils, or even our own Women in STEM booklet (available for download on the right side of this text): A lot of exciting projects have been realized already, and even more are yet to come.

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