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Optical sorter

SORTEX A DualVision

The SORTEX A DualVision is a high-capacity, ATEX-compliant optical sorter for coffee, grains, nuts, and plastic flakes. It removes both light and dark color defects and foreign materials and sorts at throughputs of up to 40 tons per hour.

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Key benefits

Automatic sorter calibration

Lighting and camera settings on the SORTEX A DualVision automatically calibrate during setup. This reduces the need for manual configurations and operator intervention.

Reduce yield loss through product tracking

The SORTEX A DualVision comes with machine learning. It has a product tracking software that analyzes each grain and classifies it either as accepted or rejected, minimizing false ejection of good grains.

Reduce product re-sorting and manual sorter configurations

The SORTEX A DualVision can match up to two visible colors to detect both light and dark defects simultaneously. This minimizes the need for product re-sorting and sorter configurations.

Highlight features

Enhance defect detection

Remove foreign materials which are hard to detect

The SORTEX A DualVision comes with InGaAs technology, which uses infrared to detect defects that cannot be seen by visible-wavelength cameras. This includes defects that are the same color as good products, such as sclerotia in sunflower seed.

One sorter for many products

Stores up to 100 sorting modes

You can setup your SORTEX A DualVision for sorting multiple products. It can store up to 100 sorting modes. This feature memorizes your settings and automatically calibrates your optical sorter during setup.

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