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Our flagship roller mill, the Antares, can automatically adjust the grinding gap. It is insulated against condensation for top food safety and comes in a wide choice of sizes and options.

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Key benefits

Automatic grinding gap adjustment

Sensors monitor the size of grain particles and automatically adjust the grinding gap. This maintains consistent grinding and helps to increase yield and keep a consistent quality in the finished product.

Wide range of sizes and options

Choose from a wide range of roller diameters and lengths, starting from 600 mm. We even make a split roller for smaller mills, so you can mill two separate feeds at the same time.

Temperature monitoring for safe operation

Sensors continuously monitor the temperature of the rollers and the bearings. If the temperature exceeds a preset threshold an alarm is triggered and the main motors switch off.

Highlight features

Individualize your machine

Choose from a wide range of roller sizes and options

The Antares roller mill comes in two designs – the four-roller mill MDDR and the eight-roller mill MDDT. Roller lengths range from 600 mm to 1500 mm, with two diameters – 250 mm or 300 mm. You can add various options including automatic grinding gap adjustment, roller and bearing temperature monitoring, water cooling and direct suction.

Increase the quality of your finished product

Smart sensors automatically adjust the grinding gap for consistent grinding

The particle size measurement system continuously measures the particle size of the ground product. Any deviations are corrected automatically and in real time. This ensures a consistent product quality.

Quickly change recipe

Automatically change the grinding gap for each recipe

You can preset the grinding gap for different recipes. First run the flour quality through the Antares and manually set each recipe. Then operate the grinding gap from the control room. When you want to change a recipe, the plant automation system sends the information for changing the grinding gap to the Antares. The integrated servomotor then changes the grinding gap automatically.

Hygienic design

Made out of food-grade materials

The Antares is designed to the highest food safety standards. We have made all the surfaces touching the product out of stainless steel or other food-grade materials. It also has insulated front covers and aspiration to prevent condensation. The swing-out feed module allows quick access for cleaning.

The Antares Plus roller mill MDDR is equipped with an automatic grinding gap adjustment system as standard. It also comes with a roller and bearing temperature monitoring system for added safety.

We have installed more than 5000 Antares roller mills all over the world in the last decade. They have proven their high quality and yields in many different climates, in many different plants.

The Quick Pack roller pack allows you to change the rollers quickly. You can change the roller pack in less than one hour. This cuts downtime and helps to increase productivity.

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