Plastic sorting


Plastic sorting

Optical sorting is essential in any plastic processing operation as it helps you to achieve a purer quality of products. Our sorting equipment uses a range of technologies including cameras, lighting and machine learning software. It can sort and remove product defects and foreign materials by color, shape and texture.


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PET sorting

Our optical sorting solutions maximize your processing capacities and the purity of your recycled PET flakes. Our sorters are equipped to remove unwanted colors, metals and foreign materials as well as same-in-color polymer contaminants (PVC, PP, and PE).

HDPE sorting

The Sortex range of optical sorters is equipped to remove typical defects in HDPE (milk bottles, bottle caps, detergent and shampoo bottles) such as colored PE and PP, packaging labels, aluminum and wood to help you meet your requirements to obtain near-pure resin streams.

uPVC sorting

uPVC presents many challenges in sorting, including the removal of black rubber seal fragments, white silicone, nylon and rubber from white uPVC regrind. Our range of optical sorters is equipped with the latest in technological advances to efficiently detect and remove defects.

Pellet sorting

During the manufacturing of plastic resin, the product often develops various defects. The Sortex range removes these challenging defects and foreign materials too. Typical and challenging defects such as minute spot defects, discoloration, misshapen pellets, and clumps can be effectively removed.

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