My life at Bühler

Onkare Gowda

Head of Grains and Food, India

My life at Bühler

Onkare Gowda

Head of Grains and Food, India

“I have spent more than 20 years working at Bühler in multiple roles."


I started my career at Bühler in 1996 as a Maintenance Supervisor. Now, more than 20 years later, I head up the Grains and Food business for Southeast Asia. That involves managing our business development in the region, developing new solutions for the industry and leading our marketing and communications.

What have you done in your Bühler career?

I have handled many different roles in maintenance, control panel, projects, assembly and production. I first worked in plant and facility maintenance. But as I worked my way through the company, I have taken on more managerial positions. They have involved many tasks including leading investment projects across India and heading up our manufacturing and logistics in Southeast Asia. 

Our entire team is home grown. I am proud that I have helped to develop our employees and enable them to become independent contributors.

Onkare Gowda, Head of Grains and Food

What characteristics do talents need to be successful at Bühler?

When you join Bühler, you need to be passionate about what we do and eager to create value. As we strive for innovation, creativity and looking at the big picture are key. Young talent with a positive attitude finds many opportunities at Bühler.

What did you do before Bühler?

I first studied for a diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1993. After joining Bühler, I completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Application. I then completed an Executive Postgraduate Program in Lean Operations. After graduation, I worked in plant maintenance in the granite processing industry in Bangalore for a couple of years.

What are you most proud of about your career at Bühler?

One of the highlights of my career has been expanding our manufacturing capacity to almost double the amount of hours. We are also honored that our factory is the fourth largest plant in the Bühler world. It makes me very proud that we add value to the world by creating better food and feed.

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