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By-product handling

3 days
Milling Academy, Uzwil, Switzerland
Plant & production managers, head millers, product development, and professionals
CHF 2’100.00 per person / 1 week

During the milling process, about 70 to 75% of the grain becomes flour, and the remaining 25 to 30% is available as wheat by-products currently  largely destined for livestock consumption. However, pelleting of these by-products (e.g. bran, husks) is advisable for various reasons, especially for storage and transport. Due to its higher bulk density, less storage and transport space will be required and profitability therefore significantly increased. On the other hand, these by-products contain beneficial compounds for human health, which could be recovered and recycled into the food chain. This course will provide essential details to understand the process technology and machine requirements required for key applications in feed & food.

This course is well-suited for plant  and  production  managers,  head millers, product development technologists, and professionals  with  commercial  or  technical  background  in  grain or feed milling related industries.

  • Invitation letter for visa application
  • Hands-on access to some of the latest milling machines
  • Printed training documents
  • One social event and dinner
  • Unlimited access to Wi-Fi and internet

Infrastructure and amenities

Milling Academy hall

The course is based at our training center in Uzwil, Switzerland. The classroom is situated right next to our milling floor, where you can explore and have a close-up look at many of our latest milling machines.

School mill

Gain hands-on experience at our fully operational and fully equipped school mill. Use many of our latest milling machines and come to understand how they operate in an industrial environment.


Enjoy a break and complimentary tea and coffee in our spacious and comfortable lounge.

How to find us

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Contact our course coordinator

Lisa Kellenberger

Milling Academy


+41 71 955 30 58

Bahnhofstrasse 114