Creating a legacy

Camel Flour Mills is on a mission to ensure that dozens of millions of consumers have access to safe, affordable, and nutritious staple food. The recent takeover of Five Star Flour Mills makes them the largest privately-owned flour producer in Egypt and a major player in the entire Middle East and Africa region. Mohamad Moatabar, Owner and Chairman of Camel Flour Mills, discusses challenges, opportunities, and the legacy he wants to leave for future generations.

Mr. Moatabar, what are the biggest challenges Egypt is facing in terms of food security?

Water scarcity, land degradation, food price volatility, food waste, climate change, and population growth are some of the main issues that come to mind. It all comes down to the need to produce more food with fewer resources and prepare our food system for even more volatility going forward.

What are the solutions?

On a higher level, we need to take concerted action to improve our water management, invest in sustainable agriculture, promote food waste reduction, and develop policies to address the impacts of climate change.

How does Camel Flour Mills tackle these problems?

After acquiring Five Star Flour Mills, we are the largest privately-owned milling group in Egypt, with a processing capacity of 3,200 metric tons per day. This enables us to benefit from increased economies of scale, grow our revenue synergies through a diversified and well-planned portfolio, and streamline our distribution network. All this helps us to get the most out of every grain we process and deliver it as flour across Egypt and the Middle East and Africa.

What role does Bühler play in helping you to achieve your ambitious targets?

Bühler is the global technology leader for the food industry. We know that we can count on Bühler’s state-of-the-art equipment, on its highly experienced team of millers and engineers, and on its technical support and training, which is crucial in getting the most out of our plants. And then there’s Bühler’s drive for innovation and continuous improvement of their technologies to meet evolving needs and challenges – that’s an area where we really benefit from our trusted partnership.

Can you reveal the secret of your success?

Ever since I started my first trading company in Iraq as a young man and later acquired my first flour milling business in the early 2000s, I focused on a long-term strategy with two key objectives: differentiation through quality and economic advantage through scale. Everything I do is based on three key pillars: technology, people, and research and development.

What are your dreams and goals for Camel Flour Mills?

First, I want to put our Group and Egypt as a country on the global map through continuous scaling, upgrading, and improving of our infrastructure. Second, I want to continue our journey to become a company that is synonymous with ethical business practices, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and corporate social responsibility. Third – and most importantly – I aspire to leave a positive legacy by contributing to the ongoing development of our industry and society through education, training, social impact projects, youth mentoring, and of course by providing safe, affordable, and nutritious staple food for millions of Egyptians and beyond.

Camel Flour Mills

  • Who: Camel Flour Mills
  • When: Founded in 2005.
  • What: Camel Flour Mills is the largest privately-owned flour producer in Egypt and a major player in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Where: Cairo, Egypt
  • Customer: Camel Flour Mills delivers flour to food producers, bakeries, and supermarkets in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa.
  • Bühler: Camel Flour Mills relies on Bühler’s milling technology from grain intake to cleaning, milling, and packaging, as well as grain silos and ship unloaders.
Camel Flour Mills Camel Flour Mills Camel Flour Mills became Egypt’s biggest privately-owned flour producer after taking over Five Star Flour Mills.

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