ShiYueDaoTian, Northeast China

Intelligent solutions, optimum quality.

ShiYueDaoTian is a leading producer of healthy and ecologically friendly grains, based in Northeast China.  The company prides itself on the extremely high quality of its product, which it ensures by making rigorous checks at every stage of the production process. This focus on quality is key to the brand’s success and competitiveness. When it wanted to optimize production at its facility in Shenyang, in the Liaoning province, Bühler was the obvious choice of partner.

Optimized production 

Knowing Bühler to be a pioneer in rice milling and a company with unrivaled expertise, ShiYueDaoTian chose them to design and implement its new production line. The company now has 3 production lines, each with a capacity of producing 500 tons of rice per day.

This incorporates TAS pre-cleaning and MTCG fine cleaning equipment, and utilizes the state-of-the-art WinCos intelligent control system. WinCos ensures whole-process traceability and helps to optimize every link through Cleaning, Hulling, Whitening, Polishing, Grading, Sorting exactly as ShiYueDaoTian requires it.

During the design stage, Bühler was able to provide a wide range of engineering services for the entire production line. This saved time that would otherwise have been spent on designing multiple views and speeding up the whole process. This not only meant that construction was able to proceed ahead of schedule, but it also guaranteed fully integrated operation and maintenance during production.

Infinite possibilities

Bühler’s highly intelligent and cost-effective solutions now guarantee the highest-quality rice for ShiYueDaoTian, and the two companies are committed to working together. In the words of General Manager Zhao Shujuan, to “explore the infinite possibilities of intelligent manufacturing, in the hope that we can lead rice processing into an era of digitization and intelligence”.

“Bühler is a professional, dedicated and trustworthy partner of ShiYueDaoTian. In the future, we will further strengthen our deep cooperation and continue to care for every grain of rice”, says Zhao Shujuan, General Manager at ShiYueDaoTian.

After we introduced Bühler’s one-stop rice processing solutions, there was a significant decrease in rice breakage. These solutions raised the quality of rice processing thereby increasing economic benefits for us.

Zhao Shujuan, General Manager, ShiYueDaoTian


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