Leonor Carrinho, Rice Mill, Angola

Leonor Carrinho: Shaping Angola’s future through Rice

Based at Angola, a South-Western African country, Leonor Carrinho is a food distributor that has backward integrated into grain processing.  The company opened a 17-factory industrial complex in November 2019. The complex has the capability of processing about 1000 tons of grains such as wheat, corn, soy, beans, and rice.

There were several project execution challenges including working with different time zones, cultures, and languages. Additionally, there was an initial lack of knowledge of the local installation contractors, legal obligations & other important resources. The Bühler team was represented by India, Switzerland, South Africa, and China. The customer team was from Angola and Portugal, while the installation contractor’s team was from Morocco. These teams collaborated effectively in this truly global project to achieve colossal success.  Under the constant guidance of the Top Management, the entire team showed great resolve & adaptability to succeed.  This reinstates Bühler’s presence as an end to end solution provider.  It also reflects our unique ability to Think Global & Act Local. In summary, the Leonor Carrinho project is a true personification of our motto ‘Engineering Customer Success’.

Rice is an important staple food in Angola.  This is evidenced by the fast increasing per capita consumption of rice that currently stands at about 14 kg/annum.  Leonor Carrinho is enabling Angola to move towards rice self-sufficiency rather than rely on imports. This is where Bühler emerges as a hero.  In early 2020, the rice solutions business has excellently partnered with the Leonor Carrinho team to execute the project.  The main components of the project includes one line of 18-20 TPH, one line of 9-10 TPH (raw rice processing units) along with paddy processing. 


Per capita consumption of rice in Angola
in Industrial Complex
of grains processed per day
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