Glissando, Voiteg, Romania

Seizing new opportunities

Alluvial soils shape the land and soil structure in the Pannonian Plain, an especially fertile area that extends over southern Hungary, western Romania, northern Serbia and eastern Croatia and is known for its agriculture. Voiteg is one of many small villages located in the heart of this region. 

Before embarking on its plant construction project in 2014, Bühler's customer Glissando had only a few points of contact with the agricultural sector. Founded in 1991, the company initially focused on plant protection products and fertilizers, mainly for private use. With two garden centers in Timisoara and Lovrin with a total sales area of almost 7,000 square meters, the company focused on plants and accessories for private gardens.

In 2014, Glissando decided to fundamentally change its core business by constructing a grain storage facility. The new plant comprised ten steel silos with a total storage volume of 20,000 tons as well as corresponding cleaning, drying and conveying technology. Bühler's product-friendly drying  technology  easily  made  it  possible  to  reduce  the  product's  moisture  content  to  below  15% while allowing processing with a maximum contamination level of 1.5%. Optimum storage conditions were thus created for healthy grain, which in turn guarantees a correspondingly high yield and quality. 

Although this region in western Romania is blessed with very fertile soil, it is also situated in close proximity  to  the  Carpathians,  a  European low mountain range whose peaks extend up to an  altitude  of  2,500  meters.  The  collision  of  two  tectonic  plates  near  the  mountains  makes  the  whole area susceptible to weak to moderate earthquakes – a factor that cannot be ignored when planning  a  facility  of  this  kind.  Accordingly,  the  foundations  were specially  designed  and  the  ceilings reinforced with steel girders to ensure adequate protection not only for the plant and its employees, but also for the technology it houses. 

The vast experience that Bühler has gained over many years is always incorporated into each new  plant.  In  this  way,  Bühler  can  continuously  develop  its  machines  and  ensure  improved  product quality and higher yields.

All the machines that were installed in the plant in 2014 have worked flawlessly from day one. This promised and guaranteed high quality also makes the system extremely fail-safe.

The construction of the plant was overseen by a special assembly group and a direct contact on site. Together, they ensured that all issues could be addressed in the shortest possible time frame and  that  there  was  close  communication  between  the  customer  Glissando  and  the  service provide Bühler.

Even beyond the construction of the plant, contact with the customer was always an important criterion. Regular visits and discussions are still on the agenda today – for even higher process quality and total customer satisfaction.


Steel silos
with a capacity of 20.000 tons
Trough chain conveyors
with a capacity of 100 tons/hour
with a capacity of 100 tons/hour
For us, Glissando is a reference project because everything simply worked - delivery, installation and commissioning were all on time.

Hans-Dietrich Greth, Area Sales Manager, Bühler GmbH

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