Evrovneshtorg, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

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Directly at the port of Mykolayiv on the Black Sea, the Evrovneshtorg branch has been located since summer 2018. The city is considered to be the industrial centre of the agriculture and is, due to its location, a strategically useful starting point for trade, especially when it comes to agricultural products such as cereals or maize.

When Evrovneshtorg decided to enter this business, the company had no involvement with grain processing. But as the owner of a supermarket chain and several department stores, one thing was clear: Food safety and thus also conveyor technology that is gentle on the product were the focus for the customer.

The terminal facility, which has been growing steadily since summer 2018, has handled around 4 million tons of grain and corn within one year (December 2018 to December 2019). The reason for this is probably the optimal location on the Bug Canal and the connection to the main traffic routes road and rail traffic. Optimal conditions, which make the port an important hub for the Ukrainian grain trade.

The customer already had very specific ideas when he approached Buhler with the project. Above all, he was interested in a conveyor system that would run both efficiently and gently.

This is also the reason why Evrovneshtorg does without elevators. By investing in conveyor belts with a length of up to 230 metres and, in some cases, inclines of up to 12°, the product can be conveyed extremely gently. Thus the quality of the grain is maintained and it is not exposed to unnecessary stress. The flat stores are therefore also equipped with conveyor belts, which are filled by means of discharge carts. Thus a flexible filling is possible at any point within the warehouse.

A special solution for the customer is the first enclosed belt conveyor from Buhler. Thanks to the closed belt components, not only is there less dust in the ambient air, but the grain is also protected from outside contaminants. Especially on grain collection points or terminal systems, this powerful conveying option is represented.

Evrovneshtorg is satisfied with the performance delivered by Buhler. After initially placing one order, two more have now been transferred to the same plant. A fourth one is currently in the execution. Evronethorg has set itself the goal of becoming the number 1 in grain management in Nikolaev with the help of Buhler. Good prerequisites for success and a future together.


Round silos
with a capacity of each 7,500 tons, combined with two flat storages (each 90,000 tons).
1,000 t/h
Conveying capacity
Due to Bühler's first enclosed belt conveyor
Belt conveyors
Placed in the entire plant.
Bühler belt conveyors are easy to use and reliable. We decided for an enclosed belt conveyor to reduce dust. It definitely performs its task.

Sergey Gunko, CEO - EVT Ukraine

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