Alliance Bio, Moncrabeau, France

Shared vision, organic solution - Compact sorting line

Based in Moncrabeau, near Toulouse in south-western France, alliance Bio is a successful organic food producer. The company processes cereals and pulses for the organic food industry and the bakery sector, and prides itself on its local production and close links with a community of farmers.

Central to its vision is the ability to offer a direct link between its products and the consumer with maximum transparency – retaining its identity as an organic provider while being able to supply an ever-growing customer base with the highest quality products. As a company that combines technical expertise with a passionate commitment to sustainability and food safety, Bühler has been able to help them meet this challenge.

The company began storing and processing its output in 2015 with its first silo and clearing line, but by 2018 its rapid growth meant that it was time to move to the next level. The challenge, however, was to produce grain of high enough quality – and with the necessary levels of food safety – that it could be sold directly to the consumer. The organization chose to partner with Bühler to ensure the optimum levels of processing in a limited space.



Alongside its reputation, breadth of expertise and thorough understanding of the market and its challenges, Bühler was also chosen for its ability to clearly demonstrate its processes and show concrete evidence of results. As well as offering a complete and compact solution, Bühler was able to provide a single point of contact for access to a whole network of local and worldwide expertise. Acting as the sole provider for the entire chain also meant that Bühler was able to guarantee the highest levels of throughput and quality throughout.

A key requirement for alliance Bio was the ability to produce safe, sustainable, high quality goods while at the same time retaining its status as a small-scale and trusted organic producer – something that required state-of-the-art machinery, which Bühler was able to supply. The project was characterized by three separate levels in its compact line concept, with the machine level in the middle, the utility level (air system, elevator heads and TUBO station) on the top level, and transfer on ground level, with conveyors, connecting pipes and loading/unloading equipment.


tonns per hour
Line output
3 x 75
Storage and processing of the production with a first silo and a cleaning line
Bühler managed to do with four machines something that would have required three times more space and one or two more machines on a classic line – and with a high level of quality.

Jean-Christophe Chassaigne, Managing director, alliance Bio

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