Al Dahra , Abu Dhabi, UAE

High quality rice from Abu Dhabi

Rice is rapidly gaining popularity in the United Arab Emirates. The average per capita consumption of 64 kg per year is well above the global average and not far behind India. With this in mind, in 2013 the Al Dahra rice mill invested in the largest factory of its kind in the Gulf region. 


The new world class rice processing factory by Al Dahra is located at Khalifa Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi (KIZAD). It is a one-of-a-kind facility in the Gulf region with an annual production capacity of 120,000 metric tonnes of rice. The plant is equipped with the latest milling technologies in partnership with Bühler, offering bulk as well as consumer packing to suit individual customer needs. It will predominantly cater to the UAE market whilst also supplying rice to the Gulf, Africa and Europe. The facility will also help in securing a strategic stock reserve for food security with a storage capacity up to 30,000 metric metric tonnes.

The main focus of the unit is the production of high quality basmati rice, known for its highly distinctive flavour. Basmati rice is an extra-long grain that has a length to breadth ratio of more than 4:1 and is widely regarded as the world's best rice for cooking. Processing basmati rice can be tricky, however, since this aromatic rice is long, slender, brittle and fragile, and also has low bulk density and flowability when compared to other varieties. This means it needs to be treated carefully while processing, which makes Bühler's contribution towards developing sophisticated technology for this special variety extremely significant.


metric tonnes
Annual rice production capacity
metric tonnes
Rice storage capacity
64 kg
Per capita consumption of rice per year in UAE
Our relationship with Bühler will remain for many years to come to help us to improve our facility here in terms of production and hopefully expansion.

Salmeen Al Ameri, CEO, Al Dahra

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