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PT. Food Station

Indonesian rice processor upholds high quality commitment with DR-C optical sorter

PT. Food Station praises Bühler for quick turnaround time and seamless installation process

As a major player in the Indonesian rice industry and highly revered by the national government, leading rice manufacturer Food Station took a leap of faith by abandoning its traditional color sorter and investing in Bühler’s DR-C for its rice processing operations. Ever since the seamless installation, the company has seen significant improvements in quality and capacity and hints at the possibility of future investments with Bühler.

The history of Indonesia-based PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya is long and rich, dating back to the 1970s. In 2014, the company was officially designated as a Regionally Owned Enterprise. Since then, its vision of "Being a Pillar of Food Security and the Food Manufacturer of Choice for Customers" has stood firm. 

DR-C in Food Station Factory DR-C in Food Station Factory DR-C in Food Station Factory

Producing around 20,000 tonnes of rice a month, Food Station is one of the leading rice manufacturers in Indonesia. Food Station is included in the total rice trade system as a stock buffer. The company is an instrumental reference point for the Indonesian government regarding the national rice market price.


Yusef Setiadi Headshot Yusef Setiadi Headshot Yusef Setiadi


All construction and installation processes were completed on time; the results were great and in line with our expectations

Yusuf Setiadi, Head of the Supply Chain Division of PT. Food Station

DR-C 7 chute machine DR-C 7 chute machine DR-C 7 chute machine

Finding a better solution

Prior to investing in SORTEX, Food Station was using another color sorter machine. However, after around five years the machine’s technology became outdated. With many competitors already established in the field and with limited time, the Bühler Jakarta team worked hard to deliver a solution. 

Buying decisions 

By employing a close, personal approach, allowing time to explain machine benefits in depth, and by offering sorting trials, Bühler successfully stood out from the competition. The team was also able to offer its best price for the DR-C 7 chute machine, and thanks to an existing stock supply, lead time was kept at a minimum.

Yusuf Setiadi, Head of the Supply Chain Division of PT. Food Station, says: "All construction and installation processes were completed on time; the results were great and in line with our expectations."

Food Station Rice Products Food Station Rice Products Food Station Rice Products

Reaping the benefits

The DR-C has allowed Food Station to achieve the production capacity needed and to reach the standard strived for by the company. The quality of the accepted rice is now almost flawless, with 99.9% of accepted rice having zero impurities. 

Since investing in the DR-C, Food Station has been able to process around 5 to 6 tonnes of rice an hour, with a higher accept yield compared to the company’s previous color sorter, keeping in line with Food Station’s high standards.

A thriving partnership

“PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya is a great example of a modern rice mill and operates as a role model for developing rice mills across Indonesia. It's a privilege to partner with Food Station and to advance the rice industry in Indonesia even further,” concludes Yonathan Satya, Sales Engineer, Bühler Jakarta.

Due to the excellent service, fast lead times, and product quality from the DR-C machine and Bühler, Food Station plans to purchase additional machines in the future.

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