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5th Generation Onion Seed Supplier Hoza Zaden “Investing in Future” with Latest Sortex H SpectraVision

Dutch onion seed supplier Hoza Zaden has implemented the latest SORTEX H SpectraVision into their processing line with immediate results.

For some, the optical sorter solutions of Bühler SORTEX bring to mind large factories and long process lines, however, for Hoza Zaden, run by the Hoogzand family in South-West Netherlands, the SORTEX sits in a small and cozy barn.

Starting in 1870, Hoza Zaden exclusively farms, processes, and sells onion seeds. Jim Hoogzand, a 5th generation onion seed farmer, jokes that “onion is in the blood.”

On deciding upon the SORTEX H SpectraVision, Hoza Zaden stated they wanted the finest sorter on the market, highlighting the importance of capacity, efficiency, and durability. Despite its small size, the company has a big reach, with Hoza Zaden being the 3rd largest onion seed distributor in the Netherlands.

Before the SORTEX, Hoza Zaden faced problems with their pre-existing sorter of a different brand. The machine was limited to black-and-white optical sorting and lacked multi-functionality; for example, the company had to use a gravity table to remove defective onion seeds. Instead of upgrading to a color sorter, Hoza Zaden decided to upgrade to the next-generation model, the SORTEX H SpectraVision, where the infrared capabilities can effortlessly identify stones and immature seeds. Previously, the stones had ended up in the accepted pile. When speaking about the SORTEX, Hoza Zaden was pleased to announce an increase of 5 times the capacity. Stones are also a thing of the past.

We were very impressed with the ease of installation, and how simple the SORTEX H SpectraVision is to operate.

Jim Hoogzand, Manager at Hoza Zaden


Featuring the innovative engine MerlinAi, the SORTEX H Spectravision is built inside and out for performance. The engine provides the latest sorting algorithms and camera technology, as well as self-learning and cutting-edge tracking abilities. Simply put, Hoza Zaden has chosen to power its production line with leading technology. An investment, they say, that will provide dividends long into the future.

Hoza Zaden manager Jim Hoogzand stated: “We were very impressed with the ease of installation, and how simple the SORTEX H SpectraVision is to operate. This is important because my father, who is now 77, is still working in the business. We wanted to choose the most cutting-edge machine on the market, and after extensive research, we decided on Buhler. We’re glad we did!”


Hoza Zaden has a commitment to sustainability that is sharedby Bühler. For the Hoogzand family, nothing is wasted. Around two-thirds of the onions are used for refarming, one-third goes to consumers, and anything else goes to animal feed.

Hoza Zaden gives the impression of total contentment. A hard-working but passionate family, producing high-qualityproducts. The SORTEX H SpectraVision has brought capacity, consistency, and speed to the process, which combined with their work ethic and passion, makes Hoza Zaden a force to be reckoned with.

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