Pariser Mühle - Ebrecht

Upgrading the plant control system

Since the upgrade the owner can run his mill without anyone on site. Single-day installation increases capacity and reduces downtime.

Pariser Mühle Ebrecht had an outdated plant control system at their grain mill, which was causing more frequent downtimes. In only one day, Bühler upgraded the plant to a new plant control system, increased capacity significantly and enabled the mill to benefit from Bühler’s remote support services. The Pariser Mühle Ebrecht mill takes raw material exclusively from local farmers and producers to create regional flour products. Their ageing mimic plant control system required time consuming planning and was causing numerous downtimes. It also had outdated hardware. Statistics and reports were manually prepared and the system was unable to support remote monitoring or diagnostics.

Increasing efficiency, reliability and OEE

Bühler’s upgraded system with new hardware and new WinCos® software was installed in a single day. The new system has optimized uptime for Pariser Mühle Ebrecht, and improved capacity, which has increased from 20t/d to 35t/d. Crucially, the system also allows the mill to benefit from Bühlers remote diagnostics, enabling preventative maintenance and fast support when faults occur.

At a glance

Excellent planned upgrade
Single-day downtime for the upgrade of the entire plant control system
Increased capacity from 20t/d to 35t/d
No one on site
WinCos® provides control from anywhere, allowing the mill to run unmanned
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