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Tradition and world-class technology in oat processing

Molinera Itata chose Bühler as a partner on the path to becoming an internationally reputable name in oat processing with its new manufacturing plant in Chile, which will adhere to the world’s strictest quality parameters. 

Molinera Itata is a family business with unique expertise in the production and processing of oats. It was founded in 1999 in Chile and is located in the city of Carmen, in central-south Chile, where cereals with distinct characteristics have been grown for centuries. The company stems from the union of a family of farmers and a family of industrialists, who together dreamed of an oat processing plant with the highest international standards.

“Ten years ago, we started a very simple project intended to make the most of the great yield of superior-quality oats from this region. Little by little we added knowledge, visiting other countries and getting to know the available technologies. The project forced us to think big, envisioning a modern, automated plant that could accommodate future growth and would guarantee a safe final product with excellent quality,” explains Armando Berdichevski, General Manager of Itata. 

Export potential

The market potential is enormous, with a wide range of products from in natura (semi-finished) items to final consumer products such as oat flakes, oat flour, and diverse new products like oat-derived alternatives to cow milk. The global trend for oat consumption is increasing every year at rates of more than 5%. In addition to advanced technical competence in the cultivation and processing of the grain, Molinera Itata has the advantage of being located close to one of the main ports in the country. This facilitates the export of about 95% of their production, making them one of the main exporting companies in Chile.

“Our goal is to reach more developed international consumers, expanding our current presence in markets that are knowledgeable about the consumption of oat and its derivatives, like North America. We are also looking to conquer traditional markets, such as Europe, and innovative ones, like the Asian market,” says Javier Heredia, Executive Director of Itata.

Working with Bühler means gaining access to holistic concepts and building relationships with a long-term business vision.

Javier Heredia, Executive Director of Molinera Itata

Partner for the future and focus on innovation

According to Heredia, “We chose Bühler because it is an internationally reputable company. Working with them means gaining access to holistic concepts and building relationships with a long-term business vision. We work together and receive constant advice. We found Bühler’s professionals a great support in automation and training. It has been a constant learning experience for us; we are very happy and that is why we recommend Bühler as a great supplier for technical advice and process equipment".

Mathias Hannsbauer, Head of the Business Segment Oats at Bühler is excited to lead this greenfield project, which enables the application of state-of-the-art technology throughout the installation of the mill. He highlights the advantages of the manufacturing plant: “More flexibility in the processing of different products, increased quality to reach new markets, food safety based on a fully hygienic and automated process, a completely integrated value chain in equipment (from grain cleaning to bagging/packing), and, finally, the unique design of the plant with a very special façade”. 

Mathias concludes that there are many opportunities ahead for growth and innovation for oat products in Chile, since oats are still rarely consumed domestically. The per capita consumption of oats in Chile is around 0.25 kg per year, while in other American countries it reaches an average of 3 kg. “By providing tasty, quality products, food manufacturers can change these statistics over time. Given all that, we are proud to participate in this growth and learning, contributing our know-how and culture of continuous innovation to consolidate a strategic, future-forward partnership".


Produtos finais no Moinho Itata. Produtos finais no Moinho Itata. Final products in Molinera Itata.
Machine Machine Sortex A, an ATEX-compliant optical sorter used by Molinera Itata.
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