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New European refurbishment center in Bedizzole

To meet growing customer demand, our European refurbishment center has moved to a new facility at Bedizzole.

Larger production and training areas

The new facility, located in one of Europe’s foundry heartlands, has a 6,600 m2 refurbishment area, giving us even more flexibility to work on multiple Bühler die-casting machines. 

The center also includes over 1,500 m2 for training and customer service, with an excellent environment to bring your operators and managers up to speed with upgrades and replacement technologies. 

Giovanni Triulzi, manager of the Bedizzole facility says: “This is a significant step in expanding our refurbishment capability in Europe. It’s a spacious facility in which we welcome our European customers and efficiently manage their refurbishment projects.”

Bühler Brescia s.r.l
Via Benaco 90D
25081 Bedizzole (BS)
+39 030 25 82 852

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