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Terms of use

These General Conditions shall be applicable between the Bühler Holding AG and its affiliated companies (hereinafter called «Bühler») on the one hand and customers (hereinafter called «Customer(s)») on the other hand having a direct or indirect (e.g. via office network) internet or modem access to the electronic network of their production plant (hereinafter called «Plant network») for whatsoever purposes.

Prerequisites for internet or modem access to the plant network

  1. The client confirms that he is familiar with the generally known security risks in dealing with the internet or any remote access. The systems connected with the internet or a modem may be attacked in different ways, among others e.g. by the implantation of viruses, worms, Trojans and the like, the unauthorized reading and manipulation of  (possibly confidential) data, as well as attacks upon the function of the systems which are directly or indirectly connected with the internet or a modem. This may lead to malfunctions or even to the failure of systems.
  2. The client shall be responsible for the protection of the systems connected to the internet or a modem. Possible protective measures against attacks from the internet or modem access are the application of virus scanners, firewalls, encoding techniques and the like.
  3. Therefore, Bühler shall not be held liable particularly for
    • damage caused to the client from using the internet or a modem access. This also includes shortcomings on the part of the internet provider, transmission faults, technical defects of the used hardware or software of foreign manufacturers, unlawful attacks upon the client’s data and connected systems;
    • damage caused to the client by installing or updating software products of any kind onto production plant PCs, without prior explicit release by Bühler;
    • indirect damage and consequential damage such as lost profit, loss of production, third-party claims or damage resulting from the non-fulfillment of contractual obligations of the client;
    • slight negligence.

The present Agreement shall be exclusively governed by Swiss law. For any dispute arising from this contractual relationship, the headquarters of the defending party shall be applicable.

The client confirms to have read the aforementioned General Conditions, to have noted their contents and to have accepted the conditions as being valid.

Additional Conditions for Remote Diagnosis carried out by Bühler

Bühler exercises ordinary care. For the internet-based or modem-based remote diagnosis, only those manipulations will be effected that are indispensable for the fulfillment of the contract. Bühler shall not modify the client’s safety settings and equipment.
The client basically authorizes Bühler to access his plant network for the purpose of remote diagnosis via internet or modem access. Such an access by Bühler shall be coordinated with the client beforehand. The client shall be responsible for the safe and secure operation of software and hardware components required for this purpose.

Furthermore, the client shall be entitled to withdraw this authorization towards Bühler at any time in writing by means of registered letter.

I have read the terms and conditions of use and declare that I agree with them.


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