Latest generation scrapers for existing roller mills


Latest generation scrapers for existing roller mills

Are you looking to increase food safety and uptime of your roller mills while saving on maintenance costs in the process?

We have the perfect solution for you: our latest generation scrapers will bring your existing roller mill to state-of-the-art scraping standards, also used by the Integrated Grinding System Arrius.


Brushless synthetic scraper​​

Food safety requirements are ever increasing. This retrofit improves hygiene standards and food safety of existing roller mills.

Your Benefits

What will a brushless synthetic scraper offer you?

Food safety 

By eliminating the product-accumulating deadspots found in the usual brush, food safety of your end product is greatly improved.

Cost reduction

The scraper experiences less wear and up to 3 times longer lifetime compared to traditional brushes, which results in fewer replacements needed.


Less frequent replacements of scrapers, results in fewer stops of the roller mill and increased operating time. 

Key Features

Replacing traditional bristle brushes used on corrugated rolls, the brushless synthetic scraper is made of a single piece solid FDA approved material. This one-piece design not only prevents product from accumulating between bristles, but also eliminates any risk of bristles making their way in the end product.

The solid synthetic material that the scraper is made of allows it to hover tightly over the roll and efficiently scrape off any product, while reducing wear. Thanks to this, the scraper experiences up to 3 times longer lifetime.

Self-adjusting knife scraper

Are your scraper knives positioned correctly at all times?

This retrofit ensures they are always set optimally without any need for manual interventions.

Your Benefits

What will a self-adjusting knife scraper offer you?

Increase your operating time 

The knife scraper ensures reliable scraping at all times. Your roller mills will run longer without manual adjustments or readjustments of the knifes.

Increase personnel and machine safety

The self-adjustment eliminates the risk of losing a part or applying suboptimal pressure, as there are no tightening screws. Additionally, no readjustments during operation are necessary.

Food safety​

The flexible knife holder is made of FDA approved material.

Key Features

The scraper knife is mounted on a flexible knife holder made of FDA approved material. Through the adaptive holder, the scraper aligns itself to the surface of the roll and maintains optimal pressure at all times

Pressure for high load passages can be regulated by changing the position of the counterweight. This further ensures ideal fit between the knife and rolls.


Available for roller mill types


  • Airtronic MDDK/ MDDL
  • Newtronic MDDM/ MDDO
  • Dolomit MDDP/ MDDQ
  • Antares MDDR/ MDDT
  • Diorit MDDY/ MDDZ

Retrofit package and installation

The retrofit package includes
  •  2x Side plates for mounting (adapted to specific roller mill type)
  • 2x “Brushless” or “Self-adjusting” scraper assembly
  • 2x “Solid synthetic scraper” or “Knife scraper” 
  • The straightforward installation requires minimal effort. As existing mounting holes are used, no drilling is needed. 
  • Installation time per roll pack is approximately 30 minutes.

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