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Control your sorter, shape your business.

SortControl facilitates the connection of your sorters to your local automation system and allows central data collection. Management information about machine status, recipes, and other parameters provide the basis for smart business decisions. Transparency is the key to unlocking greater efficiency and productivity, enabling central data collection, agile working, operability, and flexibility.

Choose between SortControl Basic and SortControl Advanced to match your requirements - optimize your processing costs and gain complete control.

Benefits at a glance

Complete control solutions

Seamlessly integrated into your automation system

Make an informed decision from anywhere

Real-time operation monitoring

Industry 4.0 as standard

Future-proof your investment with IoT connectivity

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We provide a diverse array of digital solutions designed for optical sorters. Our range of connectivity options grants you the flexibility to tailor your digital transformation strategies according to your needs.

If you don’t have a PLC-System or would like a cloud-based solution, then look no further than SORTEX Monitoring System (SMS). SMS will give you access to your sorter’s data over the Bühler Insights platform so that you can optimize your production processes from anywhere in the world. Information visualizations are intuitive and therefore ideal for operators of any skill level.

Even if you are utilizing a PLC system and using our Integration & Control Service, you can also combine it with our Bühler Insights solution with data calculation and visualization features such as interactive dashboards, PDF-generated reports, real-time notifications, and customized alerts.

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