Bühler Insights

Our platform for digital services

Bühler Insights

Our platform for digital services

Bühler Insights is our central platform for connected products and services, optimizing your plant’s efficiency and reducing maintenance times, energy consumption and wastage. You benefit from our combined expertise in digital services and our know-how as technology experts. We will ensure your business benefits fully from these new technologies.


How does this work?

Turning machinery into connected devices allows the free flow of data from sensors, machines and control units to a single secure storage location.

Connect your plant to the Bühler Insights platform with a simple gateway and harness the benefits of digitalization. Bühler Insights brings transparency into your process and machine data – with individual dashboards displaying your most important KPIs, this transparency enables us to offer you concrete actions to increase your performance and optimize your processes.

Connected devices, operational metrics and analytics help optimize efficiency at your plant. Choose from a wide range of digital services to improve productivity, enhance product quality, and reduce wastage and energy consumption. With access via a tablet or smartphone, you can control your plant even when you are on the move.



Bühler Insights helps to identify the most frequent causes for downtime and take preventive measures.

Detailed and transparent overview of processes allows for output optimization and consistent product quality. 

Better equipment performance and lower energy consumption reduces operating costs and improves your business’s environmental footprint.

Accurate planning of maintenance cycles based on condition data from individual machines and production lines increases the lifetime of your equipment.

Customer testimonials

Bühler Insights aggregates all of our production data into the Bühler Cloud. This service provides us with many valuable tools. These include; an error and downtime analysis module; this tells us about breakdowns over a shift, where they occurred and which plant was affected. We also use yield analysis to identify and respond to fluctuations in the extraction rate. These tools integrate to allow us to produce a finished flour that is consistently of the highest quality.

James Wright, Production Director at GR Wright & Sons, Essex

"We seized the opportunities offered by digital technologies to make production data measurable and optimize our process so that we can produce the perfect Kägi at any time of day or night.”, says Pascal Grin, COO at Kägi, a Swiss company famous for their crunchy treats. To maintain its high quality standards, Bühler and Kägi conducted a Performance Assessment Workshop to analyze and discover optimization potentials in the production. Connecting Kägi to the Bühler Insights platform provided transparency on process and machine data. This being analyzed and interpreted helps obtain a holistic picture of production and product quality and making informed decisions on how to optimize machine performance.

Les Moulins de la Concorde is the only flour milling company in Mauritius and provides flour to 1.2 million people. Throughout the 30 years of partnership with Bühler, many projects have been realized: Automation upgrades and connecting their plants to the Bühler Insights platform, as well as regular trainings of staff and management have helped increase reliability, availability and uptime. A transparent overview from yield management system all the way through to overall equipment effectiveness helps secure uninterrupted production.

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