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SORTEX Monitoring System (SMS)

Spot it. State it. Sorted.

Focus on what really matters. Increase performance visibility and reduce risk with remote real-time monitoring.

At-a-glance dashboards give a comprehensive and straightforward overview of the sorting performance of each optical sorter. A variety of customizable alarms can notify the customer of production anomalies. SMS provides an overview of the key performance indicators of your Bühler SORTEX machine and delivers actionable insights to increase your productivity, yield, and efficiency. Achieve full remote traceability, greater efficiency, and an improved yield with Bühler’s digital services.

Benefits at a glance

Act fast and save money

Alarms & notifications on customized thresholds

Reduce waste

Overview input contamination and ejections

Increase productivity

Track shift performances & downtime

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We provide a diverse array of digital solutions designed for optical sorters. Our range of connectivity options grants you the flexibility to tailor your digital transformation strategies according to your needs.

If you already have PLC-System and wish to integrate your data, we have a solution for you. With our SORTEX Integration and Control Services, SORTEX machines can be seamlessly integrated with your current automation system (PLC, SCADS, MES) whether it is a Bühler system (Mercury MES, Pluto, WinCos) or not.

Even if you are utilizing a PLC system and using our Integration & Control Service, you can also combine it with our Bühler Insights solution with data calculation and visualization features such as interactive dashboards, PDF-generated reports, real-time notifications, and customized alerts.

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