CHC series of ultrasonic cleaning and dip coating machines

CHC series of ultrasonic cleaning and dip coating machines –Turnkey solution for the application of hard coatings

- Highest cleaning and coating quality
- Easy process setup and control
- Application flexibility


(80 … 720 pairs/8 h)

Bühler Leybold Optics’ CHC series provides a comprehensive cleaning and hard coating solution for all ophthalmic needs within one single machine. Based on a thorough preparation of the substrates utilizing ultrasonic pre-cleaning, the CHC machines provide outstanding coating quality on lenses hand in hand with Bühler Leybold Optics process know-how. Premium scratch resistance of the lens surfaces is guaranteed by dip-coating processes using hard-coating lacquer material. The CHC series is available to suit very small production operations right up to large-scale, high-volume production. Cutting-edge technology for best process results
  • The auto-tuning ultrasonic generators and de-ionized water rinsing system provide the highest cleaning quality for lenses. Outstanding cleanliness is achieved by oscillating the lenses during both the cleaning and the rinsing process.
  • With the precise and perfect coating of lacquer via dip-coating, combined with a pre-curing capability, the CHC series contributes significantly to the highest quality requirements of finished products.

Fully automated design, ease of use and control
Together with reliable high-quality processes, a further focus is the CHC series’ ease of use. Optimum process conditions are achieved using automated coating speed profiling and additional auto-tuning functions.

The human-machine interface is realized via color touch screen for easy process initiation, control and termination.



Different sizes available for application flexibility

  • The CHC series consists of three different sizes, from low-volume (LEYBOLD OPTICS CHC 20) via mid-volume (LEYBOLD OPTICS CHC 60) machines to versions which match high-volume production requirements. Thus, the CHC series is well-suited to fulfill a variety of different applications. 
  • Different electro-polished 316 stainless steel tanks for various lens coating materials are standard, as well as built-in Class 100 HEPA laminar-flow filtration.