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Yield management system


Yield is the main lever to improve the profitability of a flour mill. Our cloud-based yield management system YMS lets you monitor your yield anywhere at any time.

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Key benefits

Constant data to produce a consistent yield

The system analyzes data straight from the scales in and out of your mill. All your team can access the data online in real time. So you can improve production quickly and keep your yield consistently high.

Customize your own thresholds and alarm settings

You can set your own thresholds for notifications. These alert you if operating conditions drop below what you need.

Benchmark between lines, recipes and even different mills

You can compare yields from different recipes, lines or even different production sites around the world – so you know where to improve yields.

Key feature

How it works

Based on our IoT platform Bühler Insights

The yield management system takes data straight from your scales – so the data is accurate. It also takes the data independently from your plant automation system. It then analyzes the data on Bühler Insights, our cloud-based platform. Bühler Insights uses powerful artificial intelligence to analyze historical and real-time data. So you can track performance over time, location and recipes.

Comparisons and tracking

Compare yield over time, location and recipes

You can easily see how yields change over time with our tracking analysis. You can see when it's not consistent and compare the yields of different recipes. You can even track the yields of different mills or food processing plants – no matter where they are, worldwide. This is a cloud-based system, so you can compare the data from any set of scales, anywhere in the world.

Save time

Digital analysis in real time

You no longer need to keep a log by hand or worry about Excel sheets. The system does all of this for you, digitally and online. You can access the data and analysis on a computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere, anytime. You can share the data with your team, wherever they are – in the plant or on the move.

The yield management system YMS is a great way to monitor yields in mills and other food processing plants. It’s accurate, it’s quick with no need for manual logs. You can compare data over time, recipes, and even across different production plants.

Gernot Ruppert, Product Manager, Bühler Group

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