WinCos® plant control system

WinCos® plant control system – the solution for successful automation.

- Maximum flexibility through a modular and scalable system
- Highest product and production safety
- Supreme efficiency in terms of energy monitoring and route navigation
- Optimal usability thanks to an intuitive operating and remote access

WinCos® plant control system

When everything runs without a hitch – from raw material to final product – it can only be WinCos®

WinCos® is Bühler’s plant control system which optimally combines processing technology and automation. The system with integrated MES functions monitors and controls both continuous and batch-related processes from grain processing and animal feed production to the production of paint.

Maximum flexibility
WinCos® offers over 80 different modules for a specific and extensible configuration according to the customers’ requirements. WinCos® is scalable and safe for investment of companies of all sizes. The main advantages are in the preventive maintenance and quick fault diagnosis and localization, the optimal job management and the constant efficiency optimization based on KPI’s. Interfaced to WinCos®, intelligent sensors (e.g. MYRG NIR Multi Online Analyzer) measure and control online during production.

Highest safety
Safety is a key factor for the success of a plant and is valid for the product as well as for the production. The product traceability via production weights and integrated process lines as well as the protection of the goods through product lock or automatic cleaning optimally contribute to this purpose. While the simple recipe man-agement contributes to a consistent high product quality, WinCos® offers extensive downtime analysis which helps ensure that plant availability is restored quickly.

Supreme efficiency
WinCos® ensures with intelligent process control, permanent energy monitoring and regular measures that energy is used efficiently and cost-effectively. While the monitoring of the energy consumption is a prerequisite for the planning of load balances, the intelligent route navigation ensures the most efficient path through the production chain and minimizes energy usage and costs.

Optimal usability
WinCos® relies on an intuitive operating principle that is also easy-to-understand for untrained personnel. With the intelligent alarm management and remote access you have your plant always under control and are able to quickly intervene if necessary. All production-relevant information is visible at a glance. Last but not least WinCos® goes hand in hand with mobile plant monitoring. WinCos® PocketPlant is the tool for real-time line monitoring, anytime, anywhere on any device (see link on the right).

Worldwide 24/7 service

  • Worldwide service centers
  • Easy and fast maintenance on-site or via remote access
  • 24/7 support for quick troubleshooting and minimal downtime
  • Fast access to support in your language and time zone
  • Straightforward support and service packages such as the Automation ValueCard

Bühler automation know-how in brief

  • Established technologies in well over 4,500 plants
  • Operating in over 170 countries worldwide
  • Compatible with a wide range of interfaces
  • Proven software and guaranteed plant functionality
  • 350 automation specialists worldwide
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