WinCos Energy Management

WinCos Energy Management – for more economical energy use.

- Reduces costs through optimal energy use
- Efficiently monitors and controls energy consumption
- Accessible anytime, anywhere
- Clear layout

WinCos Energy Management

Energy may be expensive, but it does not cost the same at all times. Running several energy-intensive processes concurrently at times of high peak loads can lead to massive financial burdens. Energy management with WinCos facilitates energy savings through energy monitoring. This applies to applications relating to plant and process technologies for the processing of various kinds of grain through to turn-key storage elevators and bulk material storage systems. Full monitoring of energy consumption serves to optimize energy use with the goal of preventing power peaks and lowering costs in the sense of an optimized load management. As part of the process, WinCos energy management provides constant support in plant analysis with its trend function and intelligent evaluation and reporting. Lower costs through optimal energy use.
  • Comprehensive data evaluations serve as the basis for measures taken to optimize the use of energy in operation. Thus, the success of implemented measures can be easily verified.
  • WinCos allows current consumption data to be checked and monitored at all times. Thus, deviations (e.g. those caused by losses) and trends can be detected long before monthly billing by an energy supplier.


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